☵ Kan: Water

Kan is a dangerous person. It is cold and hungry. Kan’s trappings are mostly yin. Its yin trappings are:

  • Kan chooses jobs which require it to only work at night.
  • Kan sets traps for its enemies without regard to who might trigger them.
  • Kan fears something it will not name.
  • Kan is pale, but never sickly.
  • Kan moves quickly, and with grace.

Its yang trappings are:

  • Kan eats its meat raw.
  • Kan lashes out when wounded.

☶ Gen: Mountain

Gen is a calm, dependable person. It is slow to action, and stubborn-minded. Kun’s trappings are mostly yin. Its yin trappings are:

  • Gen is a master of meditation.
  • Gen guards something precious.
  • Gen is who people will turn to for comfort.
  • Gen has older siblings, but none younger.
  • Gen is welcoming, even to strangers.

Its yang trappings are:

  • Gen crushes the things it loves.
  • Gen’s physical strength is legend.

☳ Zhen: Thunder

Zhen is a enthusiastic, driven person. It seeks change. Its trappings are mostly yin. Its yin trappings are:

  • Zhen awakens before the rest of the house.
  • Zhen asks innocent questions that penetrate the heart.
  • Zhen keeps a garden with plants both medicinal and lovely.
  • Zhen has a bow and arrows.
  • Zhen’s ideas and visions change the people who seek it out.

Its yang trappings are:

  • Zhen will fight to change what it sees as unjust.
  • Zhen browbeats loved ones into aiding its goals.

☴ Xun: Wind

Xun is gentle and strong. It is deferential, but always extracts a price for its obedience. Its trappings are mostly yang. Its yang trappings are:

  • Xun can improvise the necessary tools when the tools are unavailable.
  • Xun is restless if everything else is calm.
  • Xun is a spear fisherman.
  • Xun inspires artists to create.
  • Xun’s gaze is intense and disconcerting.

Its yin trappings are:

  • Xun smiles in secret.
  • Xun is at home in the forest.