We are Scooter.

One of us is an expatriate of the academic world; a stranger in a strange land, Scooter informs his art with his study of linguistics, his love of his culture, and all the things which challenge and intrigue him. In his spare time, he gossips in tea shops, makes beautiful paper-cut art, and makes outlandish and comforting works of culinary elegance.

One of us is a glutton for experience; she’s waiting for the day that her to-do list crumbles under the weight of a thousand hobbies and commitments. Scooter lives for things she hasn’t done and experiences she hasn’t had; she continues not to have many of said experiences, because she gets entirely too distracted immersing herself in the incredible and interesting people around her. In her spare time she takes lovely photographs of real people, sings in the shower, and edits an art and literary magazine.

Collectively, Scooter enjoys indie RPGs, both playing them and building cities on the frontier. Scooter also enjoys food photography, jewelry design, great literature, and inside jokes.